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VentureCast is the audio podcast offshoot of David Hornik’s popular blog, VentureBlog.

David is General Partner at August Capital and a deeply involved investor in Web 2.0 and new media companies. He started VentureCast in the Fall of 2005, but found he didn’t have the free time to continue producing podcasts.

Since David is a VC and not a media producer, and I’m a media producer and not a VC, it seemed like a good idea to join forces and produce more VentureCast programs. The newly-produced VentureCast is an sometimes irreverent conversation about the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial scene, discussions about how capital markets work, and occasional interviews and conference reports.

Thanks to Apple and the iTunes Podcast Directory for highlighting our show in its first week...

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Listen to our latest program:

VentureCast 027

Out of the Lobby

November 05, 2007

running time: 48:42

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You can listen to earlier programs and/or subscribe to VentureCast through:

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..and for being featured in their Business News Directory in the Winter of 2007