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For you podcast geeks, here’s a direct link to the RSS feed

You can also subscribe to videogrunt for free through iTunes




If you’re new to this whole podcasting thing, no worries - podgrunt will explain it all to you from scratch

Thanks to the folks at Apple for three great opening weeks on the iTunes Store Podcast Directory...


...and for our showcase in the QuickTime Content Guide - the first independent podcast to be featured


An overview of videogrunt that gives you a flavor sample of what to expect.

We begin with the concept of aspect ratios and trace back to Thomas Edison.

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video + notesvideogrunt_002_view.html

Why 16:9 came to be the new standard aspect ratio for digital video and HDTV.

video + notesvideogrunt_003_view.html

How movies get altered for television through the Pan and Scan process.

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video + notesvideogrunt_005_view.html

videogrunt is the flagship video podcast of gruntmedia publishing, illustrating the basic principals, terms and technologies of digital video. Employing an evenly-paced, casual presentation method using motion graphics and old public domain footage, this series is enjoyed by novices and video geeks alike.